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God it was good to hear Walrus again.I miss those guys. I'm surprised I never heard about you site. I love what your doing, and hope for more. I manage two bars, and personally stock three jukeboxes here in SF. My pride is Crowbars'. But Fulton street bosts 2 juke's. All three are heavy on local music, we all need to do what we can to keep the local seen alive, and push it till it gets the respect and attention it deserves..thanks and do drop by Crow bar for a drink and hear Walrus, Corlos, beula, Engine 88, M.I.R.V>, The Donna's, and more on the Juke. Joe Lee
Joe Lee
14 July 99 - 19:42
THE PIVOT MEN- J Stephens croons the most disturbing songs ever written and recorded. Live show includes lots of fire and geriatric sex.- THE ROCKET Standout tracks include - The oldest breasts I`ve ever seen, also, Stewardess...a condom please.
J Stephens
02 July 99 - 04:25
Hey I saw Aislers Set at bottom of the hill and they were soooo Awesome, That guy Yoshi must of been raised by wolves because he's the best drummer i've ever seen!!!
Chris Ort
16 June 99 - 17:24
Hey I saw Aislers Set at bottom of the hill and they were soooo Awesome, That guy Yoshi must of been raised by wolves because he's the best drummer i've ever seen!!!
Chris Ort
16 June 99 - 17:23
i'm not sure if you got my other e-mail but, when are you going to have video footage from rocket from the crypt?
scott rodgers
04 June 99 - 18:02
when are you going to have audio and video footage from rocket from the crypt?
scott rodgers
04 June 99 - 18:00
Jose Kuervo
28 May 99 - 10:05
Jimmy Eat World rocks my lame ass. Check my radio show, willya? http:/, live RA stream from
23 April 99 - 12:52
grandaddy is the neatest band
19 April 99 - 22:42
This board could be your life...
18 April 99 - 13:35
is rftc's audio ever going to be on the site?
10 April 99 - 17:36
hey there check out the band Bake McBride they are playing at the charles playhouse on friday april 16th at 11pm located in Boston MA they are a four piece rock and roll band, known for crafty songwriting
mike woodard
30 March 99 - 10:00
hey, when are you guys going to get the video and audio archives up for beulah? we fans have been waiting for a month!
29 March 99 - 14:20
hey, when are you guys going to get the video and audio archives up for beulah? we fans have been waiting for a month!
29 March 99 - 14:20
Hi, I am writing to you today to tell you of the upcoming release by Kozar Records Artist, Stacy Bugg. His CD entitled, Pronounced Damn He's Sexy Will be available May 15. Free copies of the CD are avaiable for review, and we are interested in hearing any hints, comments, suggestions, or performance or interview opportunities you may have available, please contact us at the addresses below. Thank You, Phil Wilson-kozar Records RELEASE INFORMATION: Mr. Stacy Bugg; you've seen him playing bass with Funny Vibe, Terra Ferma or The Attitudes in clubs such as Buddha's Hard Rock in Burlington, VT or The Abbey Road in Lowell or Sharky's in Nashua or perhaps you saw him at Sir Morgan's Cove in Worcestor playing guitar in Lamontz Afro or at Kozar in Nashua as the drummer of the band Bovine Spy. Different clubs, different bands, but consistent excellent performances, which is why we are proud to announce that after years of playing around New England, you can now bring him home with you. Announcing the release of Stacy Bugg's debut CD entitled: PRONOUNCED: Damn! Hes Sexy. An 8 song CD featuring rock/pop/funk based songs dealing with love, life and sex. If you're into slap bass, catchy lyrics and have a sense of humor, then this is the disc for you. With a background playing everything from Jazz to Thrash Metal to Dance music, this disc blends them all together. The opening verse of the opening song puts it best when it proclaims, "I don't think you know what's in store, I don't think you're ready for me", ready or not, here he comes. Pronounced: Damn! He's Sexy, you can get the CD direct from Kozar Records by sending a $10. check made payable to Kozar, PO Box 534, Nashua, NH 03061 or you can call or email us for further information at 603-595-8115 or Also, the CD can be bought on line at and mid-may. Backed by Sean Coleman on guitar, and Skip Powell on drums he will soon be bringing his music to a club near you. Buy the CD then come see for yourself. T-Shirts also available. PRONOUNCED: Damn! He's Sexy by Stacy Bugg release # SBS69TUD release date: May 15 songs: *1*Are you Ready*2*Suguhfly*3*Mad Stroke*4*For the Funk *5*Feels Good*6*I Love You*7*Owe U 1*8*Special Delivery Recorded @: Kozar Studios Mastered @: Prism Sound Contact: Stacy Bugg 603-595-8115/ po box 534, Nashua, NH 03061-0534/
Phil wilson
26 March 99 - 13:04
When I heard that two of the greatest bands on the planet, Rocket from the Crypt and the Elevator Drops, were going to be sharing the bill I nearly shit my pants. It's hard to find better live bands than those two. I actually considered driving all the way from Kentucky to see it. Boy, that would've been a road trip. Now all I can do is wait for the shows to get posted.
24 March 99 - 01:32
looking for drummer and guitar player for a funk alternative band!!! can you help me find some players?
samson seidel
20 March 99 - 09:01
Oh man!!! Went to see the only 2 bands that mattered (although we did miss Sensefield on Tuesday who are awesome!): The Murder City Devils and ROCKET FROM THE CRYPT!!!!!! Oh man - both play rock 'n roll just the way I like it: DOWN AND DIRTY!!! We went up to Northern CA from So Cal for the Rocket show on my birthday. Cruised to Bottom of The Hill on Sat. afternoon to check out the Devils who are stone-cold CRAZY! Rock on! But the highlight of the entire festival had to be the Rocket who just ROCK MY WORLD!!!! This was the 21st time I'd seen them play and they just blow me away every single time - I can't even explain the energy, the charisma, the sheer ROCK that these boys just throw at the crowd!!! Ya'll must check them out for yourselves - belive me - you WILL be converted into a life-time fan FOR SURE!!! (Can ya tell I'm excited here or what?!) ROCKET FROM THE CRYPT ARE THE ROCK 'N ROLL MASTERS!!!!!!
Mady 2000
16 March 99 - 12:24
Creeper Lagoon show was the best...all the bands Grand Daddy, Death Cap for Cutie were just super. I first saw Creeper play at the Kilowatt (San Francisco) and they get better every show. Thanks for the archived web cast!
10 March 99 - 20:20
The purple nurple
10 March 99 - 11:18
rocket from the crypt fucking rule!
09 March 99 - 21:35
Pat, We were sober untill we hit the stage....
Matt Harris
02 March 99 - 13:06
Saturday Night. 9:00 Whew. Patrick, Ink Blot's Editor-in-fluenza has just arrived...and what a jostling, hallucinatory journey he's endured. He had to negotiate his way through backalleys and underground passageways to avoid the flipping Chinese New Year Parade en route. You should've seen him crawling under the legs of thronging spectators and darting past traffic cops escorting the Rabbit float down Columbus Avenue. Drugged-up on anti-histamines, anti-expectorants and medications chosen for their ability to cause MARKED drowsiness, he serpentined toward the weak glare of the Bimbo's marquee through gently swaying red lanterns, knots of mesmerizing acrobats and contortionists, leagues of satin-clad drummers, monkeys on stilts and crimson dragons, dodging the neverending salvoes of firecrackers all the while. He's here, feverish still, but here. He missed Lunchbox perform, but heard it was fabulous. The Snowmen are now into their third song, an elastic-sounding paean to sleeplessness. Sounds promising...I'm eager to hear how my colleague, David, fared with Sr. Pollard et al backstage...he interviewed them earlier and blessed them with bourbon. The Snowmen are up and strumming...sssh. 9:30 All back here agree, a strong Snowmen set altogether. They played many old numbers, including a favorite here in the wings, "Backseat Driver." It's great to witness something like that, something that punctures every notion of what you'd expect from a rock band...surprising and enlightening at every turn. Beulah are about to begin next...more to come. 9:45 The Lunchbox interview went swimmingly. I do think Dave needs to lay off on the expletives...they're no substitute for God-given charisma. And speaking of charisma, the staff here have none. If Oscar Wilde were here, I'm sure he'd have something witty and pithy to say, like: "Club Staff shouldn't be seen or heard or mentioned or reasoned with." (generous titters would follow and some sort of headline might appear in next day's paper, but those times are dead and gone...we'll have to settle for this pap). Give a guy a chintzy black windbreaker, and he thinks he's Benito freakin Mussolini. The full moon's being blamed for all the misunderstandings and ruffled feathers back here. The tension between camps is palpable - everyone's tired and cranky. Dave declares "Nap Time" and general armistice - none comply. 9:50 Beulah is chugging along now on stage. I'm still trying to get a handle on these guys - references to "the Beach Boys" are being volleyed back and forth in our lil behind-the-scenes station...and not without rancor. I wish, dear readers, you were here to take part in the aesthetic conversation taking place - and tangentially, our work area reminds me a bit of the brig in "Das Boot." But back to Beulah: at first they seem a bit Three Dog Night-ish, but perhaps that's just the horns. And I'm having a hard time dispelling images of a Muppet choir warbling hand-in-hand whenever the band break into a chorus, but perhaps that has more to do with the dying embers of this pesky fever. 10:10 Blame the fever...I think I may well be hooked. The energy they're giving off is quite'd be great if they were given another half-hour to play. It seems it's taken them this long to reach most of the crowd. Sad to see them go. 10:30 The crowd cheers as Guided By Voices' beer cooler is placed on stage. 10:35 The crowd cheers as a roadie tapes down a microphone cord. 10:37 More cheering as someone settles in behind the drums. Mouths agape, they watch as this figure adjusts the hi-hat. Is this the man who taped the mike cord down? He rises and disappears behind the curtain. More cheers. 10:38 Chants of "GBV! GBV!" fill the hall. No female voices take part. 10:41 Robert Pollard lopes across the stage, beer bottle in hand. The crowd goes wild. 11:11 Pollard doesn't really sing, he orates to concrete guitar riffs. This is Rock and Roll. You can tell by the wiry kid up front pouring beer on himself. He hands Pollard a cigarette and is approached by security. A warning is given. 11:20 The wiry boy is now fumbling his way on stage. He's dragged down by security. A meaty finger is wiggled in the boy's face. 11:30 There he goes again...there's something on that stage he seems to want - did he lose something? A beefy centurion plows through the crowd and manhandles the poor lad. The boy's dragged past me, his eyes two full moons. Drugs may be involved. 11:45 The ejected boy is banging repeatedly on the backstage door. Men are sent out. The banging stops. 12:02 David and I go out back for a cigarette break. The boy is wallowing in some filth on the curb, whining: "What did I do?" to a doting police officer. The officer consoles him in dulcet tones. He spits on the officer. The officer handcuffs him roughly. A paddy wagon arrives. Dave hears me say: "Throw the fool in pokey." I deny this later. All this unfolds to the muffled sounds of "Tractor Rape Chain." This, as I said, is Rock and Roll. Sunday Night. Elevator Drops I usually have very little sympathy for first-on-the-bills. That's because they usually suck. But Elevator Drops do not suck, and while they don't set the world or even the audience of four on fire, they at least look way too good to be playing to an empty hall. The bassist/singer wants to be Joe Strummer and almost succeeds, while the guitarist is a mod dandy who's even more handsome than his suit. They even bring a little sparkle to covers of 80s rock drivel like "Dancin' in the Dark," but the applause- o-meter is definitely on "smattering," and you can't help but feel sorry for their eager showmanship as it evaporates into the empty hall. But, hey, what kinda rock geek comes to a show at 7:30? And would you really want to impress them anyway? Carlos Things are looking up for Carlos. Well, maybe not for singer Rich, who couldn't see anything through his heroic mop of hair if he ever dared to look up. But the floor fills quickly before their set, and people groove to some power-pop that frankly deserves grooving. Rich is as laconic and shaggy as can be, but new drummer Dennis (?) is a whirlwind from the getgo, relentlessly pimp-slapping his cymbals and making Live 105's free earplugs seem like a good idea. A quick vox pop in the audience re: Carlos' rockability: (A loving couple who have seen every Carlos show at Noise Pop) IB: What did you think of them? He: I think Carlos rocked. I've seen 'em here the last four years. IB: What do you think of the new drummer? He: I didn't even notice. But my girlfriend LOVES the new drummer. She: Yeah, he rocks. IB: Rich -- haircut or no? He: She votes haircut, I say no. I love the haircut. She: I changed my mind. The haircut rocks. IB: So would you mind if [your boyfriend] grew his hair like that? She: He had it like that before. It's all good. Enter: Group of Japanese tourists... IB: Have you seen Carlos before? No. No. We came from Japan. IB: Did you dig the show? Yes, they were very great. IB: Should the singer get his haircut? No, no. It's very Ramone. So there's your consensus. Carlos rock and Rich's hair must stay. Sixteen Deluxe Speaking of rock, Sixteen Deluxe want to rock you like a hurricane. Within ten minutes of showtime, their singer is tweaking wah-ed lead out of a guitar hanging at ankle level, while her manic guitar slinging partner is threatening to rip his whammy bar right off. Charmingly, they take time to plug Oranger (scheduled to follow them) in between songs, with the bass player even sporting an Oranger T-shirt. It's a regular Austin-SF indierock lovefest. Of course that's the only break you get, and Sixteen Deluxe's twin guitar attack gets a little overbearing at times. Which is a shame, because there are great tunes hiding under the squall. In fact, one of them is Big Star's "Kanga Roo," which they give an incongrous but enjoyable reaming. (More audience talk: a nerdish fan who's seen them several times) IB: What'd you think of Sixteen Deluxe tonight? Fan: I love them every time. This was a pretty good show. They were much better last year with the films - the films that they take around with them sometimes. IB: Brawl between SF indierockers and Austin indierockers: who wins? Fan: I don't know that many Austin indie rock bands, but Sixteen Deluxe and Brown Hornet are definitely powers to be contended with. Oranger OK, I'll admit, I'm new to Oranger, but I have heard of their Who obsession. And the drummer has got a right case of the Keith Moons tonight, mugging for Ink Blot and Nine Up backstage, gooning it up behind the kit and feigning a walk-off after the first song. After an opening that inspired Carlos singer Rich to call this "the most sober Noise Pop ever," Oranger look set to take proceedings on a sharp 180. And so it goes that Oranger are a bit of a mess tonight. While that means that they inject some irressistible personality into the affair, rough edges don't do their music any favors. Their last few songs (including a genuine Live At Leeds version of "Summertime Blues") start to pull things together, but it just reminds you that sometimes a beautiful mess is still a mess. Rocket From the Crypt Thirty seconds before showtime, Speedo has Rocket gathered in a huddle backstage, whispering some shared promise to do the gods of rock'n'roll proud. No one's watching. They believe this shit. They end the huddle with a "Ramalamalamafafafa-RocketfromtheCryptsissboomba" chant and rush the stage like their beloved MC5, whipping the crowd into a revivalist frenzy before they launch into their first song sporting 60-mile smiles. Watching their religious fervour brings a blush to my cheeks, and I think to myself, if they've got even one tune to back up this spectacle, I'm going to buy all their albums and tattoo a rocket on my ass. Five songs in, I'm still waiting for the tune, but I suppose it's for the best. I never wanted a tattoo anyway. The performance rides religious waves of energy, and despite the absence of anything resembling a memorable song, Rocket own this crowd. Oranger were more fun, Sixteen Deluxe were more adventurous, Carlos had better tunes and Elevator Drops wore the sharpest gear, but nobody on this bill meant it like Rocket. Buy this band some tunes, and watch them conquer the world.
Patrick Bennison
01 March 99 - 17:16
I guess there's time for one more. Creeper Lagoon is playing an encore song right now. The crowd absolutely adore them. Hold on while I put my earplugs back in. Alright, it appears as though Creeper is done playing.. I hope you all enjoyed the Noise Pop webcast!!!!!! Something on the laptop is blinking on and off.. I better get off this thing before I do something wrong. The crowd is all leaving now. This was a great concert! Have a great weekend y'all.. Take care.
Mioi (Ink Blot Magazine)
27 February 99 - 01:07
ROCK ON Creeper Lagoon!!! 10 minutes later: They are still rocking on. I am weak w/ hunger. This laptop keeps shutting down or something... strange. I feel like I wanna get up close to the band, but do you know how short I am? I will not be able to see anything. They are playing Wonderful Love now.. This song was on the radio for awhile. It's a lovely song. I listened to the Creeper lagoon CD for the first time this afternoon. I loved it. My boss, Dave, seems to love Grandaddy. This may or may not be the last and final installment... I may or may not be back. So, have a great weekend you all. I hear it's gonna rain (in the bay area).
Mioi (Ink Blot Magazine)
27 February 99 - 00:54
Doesn't Creeper Lagoon rock? It's great to be hearing them live. Low battery???! Hold on, i have to figure out what's up with this laptop.. Alright. The thing got disconnected, but i re-connected it. I will have more soon. hope u are enjoying the webcast.
Mioi (Ink Blot Magazine)
27 February 99 - 00:35
These earplugs don't seem to fit. Oh well. How are all of you doing in cyberland? Send all of my fan mail to :) Alright, Creeper Lagoon are a hit! The crowd loves 'em. They definitely have a great blend of genres. I'm not sure what I'm talking about. :) All I know is that they have a unique sound. I love the sound of the lead singer's voice.They are playing a slow song right now. I swear; my bladder has no tolerance right now. I will be back w/ more!
Mioi (Ink Blot Magazine)
27 February 99 - 00:20
I think this is Creeper Lagoon coming up. This excedrin has made me really antsy and shaky. I know that excedrin's main ingredient is caffeine, I think. At least my headache is gone.

5 minutes later: Alright, Creeper is just about ready to start. I'm getting hungry. Some girl is sitting on the edge of the balcony. It looks pretty dangerous. Let's hope no one pushes her off. I am going to grab something to eat real quick. Creeper haven't started playing yet. but they are about to start. I'll wait til they start playing. They are starting to play now. The crowd seems to be watching them intently. This band is pretty good. some of the people in the crowd seem to be getting into it, bouncing around and stuff, u know. Creeper Lagoon is a great band!!! I will have more soon.. PEACE!!
Mioi (Ink Blot)
27 February 99 - 00:00

hey yo tell that oranger guy to shutup
26 February 99 - 23:44
Grandaddy have rocked the house down and are on their last song now. I can't believe i have to go potty again. Anyway, time for some cheap plugs: check out my cool site at! Local bands and stuff... We now have like 75 bands from the Bay Area signed up. Check it out! Grandaddy are on their last song. I will have more to write when the next band is up on stage.
Mioi (Ink Blot Magazine)
26 February 99 - 23:30
grandaddy played really well...i wish i could be there at the show, but alas it is sold out and i am two blocks away. the webcast looks great though!
26 February 99 - 23:30
Oh My Golly, these guys are amazing and I have never even heard a wee little note before this very night. Wow! Thank goodness for Grandaddy. I think I know the next CD I'm going to get my grubbly little mitts on, after Death Cab, of course. My fave show thus far. I'm so happy!!!!!
Ink Blot (Alexis)
26 February 99 - 23:29
SF fools have Noooooooooo balls! <--- biz wrote that, not I. Grandaddy is still playing. They are pretty good. My headache is semi-gone. I'm running low on water though. This place is really packed now. There are a lot of people chitter-chattering. Did you all hear my voice on the webcast?? Yes, that was I. I will be back with more. Don't you all out there who are listening on the web think that Grandaddy rock? be back soon..
Mioi (Ink Blot Magazine)
26 February 99 - 23:20
Hi again. Grandaddy has taken the stage. I just took some Excedrin (I think it was)... Grandaddy sound great. I heard their latest CD once at Ink Blot headquarters. The crowd seems to love them. I recognize this song!! It's the one that sounds like an Atari game at first. Can you believe I have to use the toilet again?! I will be back with more... ;)
Mioi (Ink Blot Magazine)
26 February 99 - 22:57
hey there! how's the show going?
26 February 99 - 22:49
Okay, Death Cab has ceased playing. Grandaddy will be up next. I hear they are pretty good. The Rodriguez interview is going on downstairs, so you get the idea of the lagtime there is between the live stuff and my messages to the board. I've had to use the bathroom 4 times already. It is like really hot in here, and I am thirsty. My head kind of hurts too. Anyway, Grandaddy is getting ready to go on. I encourage everyone out there in cyber space to post to the board or send me some pleasant email. I think you all know my email address. The Great American Music Hall's ceilings are gold and pretty. I hope they are filming the ceiling on the webcast. I will have more later when Grandaddy go on the stage.
Mioi (Ink Blot Magazine)
26 February 99 - 22:43
Death Cab for Cutie is playing a slow song right now. I'm really thirsty right now even though I have a big bottle of water. Death Cab is still playing. This place is getting really crowded now. The people on the balcony look pretty bored or something. i' m biz fom modesto i'm selling t-shirts for grandaddy and i'm Drunk. <-- I (Mioi) didn't write that. It was the guy sitting next to me. You can check out Grandaddy on line at stay tuned for more.
Mioi (Ink Blot Magazine)
26 February 99 - 22:28
Death Cab for Cutie (I think is the band name) has just started playing. Well the crowd sure has grown since that first band that played. This band sounds pretty decent so far. The singer guy has a sweet voice! i would have to say that i would buy these peoples' CD they sound so decent. Their sounds kind of vary from place to place. If my pal Alan is out there, HI ALAN!! :) Do you know what I'm doing? I'm typing out this stuff on a laptop, saving it to a floppy, and then running downstairs so they (the nineup people) can post it to the board. So I guess i'm gonna run down now. More later...
Mioi (Ink Blot)
26 February 99 - 21:54
Rodriguez just finished their set. I had to be the cameraperson at the end. yes that was me. sorry the thing went dead in the middle. I am not sure what was wrong. Anyway, i hope y'all are enjoying the show. enjoy the interviews going on downstairs too!
Mioi (Ink Blot Magazine)
26 February 99 - 21:43
Okay.. I don't really know what band is playing right now, but whoever they are, they're not bad. The place is slowly filling up, but they're all still kinda standing around. The song that they're playing right now is pretty neato. I've never professionally reviewed music before, so bear with me on my elementary adjectives. I just found out who is playing right now. The band's name is Rodriguez. I think that's how it is spelled. They sound kind of country-western-ish right now, except the lead singer doesn't have a very country-western-ish voice. But the crowds seem to enjoy them. I guess they have two singers, cuz it's a different guy singing right now. They're both good in their own ways. I will have more later.
Mioi (Ink Blot Magazine)
26 February 99 - 21:10
Glasstown is finishing up their set right now. There is slightly more people here than at the beginning. They have some nice harmonies going on.. two guy singers. The dude with the mohawk has got some pretty tight moves. I will have more later!
26 February 99 - 20:46
Hi everyone in cyberland! This is Mioi of Ink Blot... my first night at Noise Pop. We are unable to go online from here, so I'm gonna write a little thingy and then run it downstairs where all the other computers are and post em up on the message board. Glasstown is in the middle of playing right now. They are pretty good. I love the French horn players. They totally rock! They also have a standup bass. The crowd is kind of small right now and they're just all standing around. The Great American Music Hall is a really cool place. i've never been here before. Anyway, stay tuned for more. I hope you all are enjoying the webcast!
Mioi Hanaoka
26 February 99 - 20:29
the show was awesome, especially james bertram in both reds stars theory and 764-hero. Aliser's set is so good, there one of those super groups. they have an awesome line up, just like rst and 764 do. 764 rocked, i think they are getting so much better. james is singing in 764 now too. i think they should put drummers on platforms, you can't even see polly or jeremy or yoshi.
26 February 99 - 15:17
OK, I'm safe and sound at home now. I was really scared out there for a while, the crowd was kind of ugly towards the end of the 764-HERO set. So, if any of you are expecting great pix from the set, sorry, I letcha down. But I'll make it up tomorrow, I promise. I'll take my mean, pushy pills!
26 February 99 - 01:21
Enough about the roughage that grows down south folks. Pay attention to the beautiful slewage of rock that's comin' your way courtesy of Inkblot and 9up. Have you guys checked out the Fiver interview, those guys are really great truly genuine and hilarious. Be sure to check out the 764-HERO interview that will shortly accompany their set. I'm sure it'll be one to remember as these guys board their ship to superstardom, indie rocked engined or not. The crowd is attentive and hungry as these guys ease into the end of their set. Wish you all were here. Be sure to check out Inkblot's reviews of 764-HERO as well as the plethera of great reviews that are on this great web magazines archives. I know, perhaps it's shameless plugging or is it a necessary appraoach to get the starving writers to be paid more for their incredibly insightful reviews? You let us know. E-mail us! Write to us now! Don't forget to check out 9up for their specialties as well!
26 February 99 - 00:38
So this is what's happpenin' ya'll. Your favorite band and mine 764-HERO are well into their set and are truly rockin' this @$#!&* place! I hope you all are catching this. This is what Noisepop is all about - looud1 jangly guitar rock. Hopefully you're all back on your feet rockin by your computers after Red Stars Theory. Let loose baby. It's late. The parents have gone to bed and you're finally up alone now. So don't be shy and groove to some of the best that Noisepop has to offer. The bouncer has just grabbed the backwash of my second, no third, no fourth or fifth to last beer at this point so I'm gonna take a break and grab myself another one......or five.
26 February 99 - 00:27

Hi -

I hate pubic hair also.
I'm unfortunate that the hair on my head has a similar structure to pubic hair.
I'm looking for a rock haircut to sport at the next Noise Pop show.
Anyone know where I may find such a service?


26 February 99 - 00:23
764-HERO IS about 5 minutes into their set and so far it is really amazing. they started off with a song from the We're Solids EP and now are playing a song from the new album.
26 February 99 - 00:09
It's all about shaving down south! I hate pubic hair, although as we speak I have a purple triangle design thing. Pretty groovy~! and I also must say that it hurts when you cut open your scrotum!!!!!(I can't believe I just typed that!)
torn up...
25 February 99 - 23:46
so here we are at the FiveSlerSeDStarsTheory764Heroin show. es muy bueno. RST is noodling away onstage, and I think I forgot what an amazing drummer Jeremiah Green IS. the boy can rock any house party with an infallible beat. now I know that I'm gonna have to make YoYoAGoGo this summer and see the OLyROK firsthand at the Capitol once again. everyone who reads this should go buy every LYNC record ever made, as well as the Pensey's Electric Workhorses 7". the Pensey's thing is very much like Palace meets Neil Young or something to that effect. drunkenly signing off. A
25 February 99 - 23:42
We're all seeing Stars tonight folks. Red Stars Theory are the pinkiller for what's been aching my all too gentle heart. If you can get these guys at your local recordstore or at some live show you need to have this band on heavy rotation. My friends sometimes call this kind of music bummer rock, but I love it. Either way some drinkard to my left wishes to tell you guys some of his own thoughts on this subject.
25 February 99 - 23:34
Hey you crazy viewers, Well, well, well, Red Stars Theory have got this crowd by their emotive horns as they blend their set of down tempo sweet atmosperic pop into the crowded venue known as Bottom of the Hill. These guys are so deep they even have a violin player in their band. The ambience that Red Stars Theory is giving to this club is an achingly needed rest from the loud poppy sets of the previous bands. Right now it's like the kind of music you wished you had to soothe your last visit to the dentist as you popped some vicadin to take away the pain. Red Stars Theory is the antedote to any sort of physical pain in this world as we now come to know it at Noisepop.
25 February 99 - 23:29
Wow, the AISLERS SET sounds way better with the keyboardist now! The keyboardist is from THE FAIRWAYS, am I correct? Or am I totally off? Anyways, RED STARS THEORY is really neat-O!!!!!!!! I love it!!!!!
Jive Turkey
25 February 99 - 23:25
hello again, things are starting up again. red stars theory has started to play and it sounds incredible. they are a band from washington. James bertram, who also plays bass in 764-hero is in red stars theory. he also played with lync, who put out a great album on k a few years ago called these are not fall colors. jeremiah green, of modest mouse fame, drums for them as well.
25 February 99 - 23:19
The Aisler's Set is done and people are milling around. I'm the chick that sells Noise Pop stuff at the merch table. It's very busy, but I'm managing to multi-task...So, not much else happening. Just waiting for the band to set up.h
25 February 99 - 22:58
OK, we're headed into the last rippin' tune courtesy of the Aislers Set. We're trying to track down the Fivers for a little chat. Questions, anyone? We're talking instant gratification, cyber-style...
Ink Blot Magazine (Alexis)
25 February 99 - 22:49
hello i'm back, uhhhmmm i think The Aisler's Set is almost finished. I guess you've already been bombarded with descriptive ramblings by myself and my cohort. if anyone has opnions or comments, c'mon tell us we suck, we can't write! anyway, this place is CROWDED. being a san frnacisco crowd, there isn't muh happening beyond the obligatory head bob. but, everyone seems very into their set. as the night progresses, and the beer flows, we'll see how long people can keep their inner popster chained.
25 February 99 - 22:47
Wow! That was so cool! The Aislers Set are even cuter than Dealership, if that's possible. It's probably because they look about 16. Think Sleater Kinney meets The Donnas meets some '50's Shangrila-type deal. Very poppy, with a little synth kinda retro-sounding organ thing. Very competent musicians all, and just so oh-my-gosh-aren't-they-the-cutest style. Teenieboppers are freaking out all over the place. I feel like a dinosaur. At least I could see over everyone's heads!
Ink Blot Magazine (Alexis)
25 February 99 - 22:46
Well my esteemed viewer, it's going quite well down here in the club. The Aislers set are freakin' and we are a listenin! What do you folks think of their set? Who are you likin' tonight? It all sounds good here live at the Bottom of the Hill. Wish ya'll could be here. We'll ride the storm out and let you know what's up. Tell us what you you think you freaks!
carey@ Inkblot
25 February 99 - 22:42
Hey yall Carlos back again and The Aislers Set are up pitchin' their original blend of poppy surfer rock Man, hasn't been since early Liz Phair that I've seen chicks rock this hard! Blend it with alot of cigarettes and much chesp booze and these guys are better than Liz Phair and the Breeders put together in a steamy closet. But enough of that, The Aislers set are more than just two cute women who play guitar and sing. The crowd here agrees with me as I watch plenty o' young uns' bob their heads in true pop rock fashion. What do you guys think? Let us know folks! You guys are watchin'! Who cares if your parents are watchin! Shed the pj's and dance naked for The Aislers Set is sure to give you good dreams tonight!
25 February 99 - 22:34
anyone see/hear the red stars theory interview? how's it going down in the club?
25 February 99 - 22:27
We're hearing a moment of silence here while guitars are tuned.
25 February 99 - 22:25
Yoshi's like the most rad drummer in the world! Check out the moves.
Belinda(Noise PopMerch girl_
25 February 99 - 22:20
by the sound of the analogue keyboard and the twangy-distorted rhythm guitar, Aisler's Set definitely would be welcome at any Peter Seller's "Party." and if that reference makes no sense to you, then sorry.
25 February 99 - 22:17
if any of you out there in cyberlandia have any knowledge of any of the bands playing here tonight...feel free to opine
25 February 99 - 22:10
Aisler's Set are on stage.... the room is fille with voices of the hip.... stay tuned...
25 February 99 - 22:07
Sorry we were gone fer awhile. had some technical mess. hope it's sorted out now. anyway, fiver were really cool. the singer sang really pop-y melodies over a big full guitar sound. the keyboards was a-skwakin at times, but it was tasteful. looks like dave is interviewing red stars theory, i'm excited to see them. we're in between bands right now, this place is totally packed, and indie scenesters abound. next up is Aisler's Set...featuring Wyatt from Trakstar and the ex-Henry's Dress Amy Linton.
25 February 99 - 22:06
hey yall I'm here to report on Fiver's last song of the night. For some reason this computer thinks I'm totally lame and keeps erasing everything that I write. Anyway, Fiver's etheral blend of psychadelic pop songs adept with sweet samples and super jangly guitars have taken this unknowing crowf by storm. I've never heard these guys before either but they definitely add a unique sound to this Noisy pop festival.
25 February 99 - 21:49
well, i've never heard fiver before. They're definitely poppy, with a little 80-ish keyboard mixed in. The bass is really loud and the singer is emoting in a high-pitched voice.
25 February 99 - 21:19
The music is starting, fiver's up first. They're beginning the set with a mid-tempo song. The crowd is still getting beer and settling in. There's a guitar phaser filling the room. the sound is warm. It's packed in here.
25 February 99 - 21:14
Me no hablar engles!
Jiminy Crispa
25 February 99 - 16:04
I would take it as a compliment
25 February 99 - 12:17
Should I defend myself for that last comment, or say thanks? Comments, please.
25 February 99 - 02:05
hey dave,I am suprised you have never heard of them! They are very popular! You do know who FAITH NO MORE is right? Well... the guitarist/singer (the bigger one) Roddy Bottom used to be the keyboardist in faith No More. I am from the east bay and I couldn't make it to the show last night or tonight, so this is the second best thing. :[hey are you guys gonna broadcast the I AM SPOONBENDER show?????
insomnia chris...
25 February 99 - 01:17
Imp t. is really good. I've never actually heard them 'til now. They have some crazy harmonies going on. It's still damn packed here on the floor at Bottom of the Hill. Where is everyone writing from?
Ink Blot Magazine (Dave)
25 February 99 - 01:10
oh by the way Imperial Teen is fantastic. and the drummer is pretty cute. Roddy Bottom is a stud & a half.
chris (again)
25 February 99 - 00:59
Alexis sounds hot!!!!!!!!
25 February 99 - 00:57
I'm here and there are very loud woman making a scene. How about that last band, the guitarist (stage left) shouldn't talk huh?
david logan
25 February 99 - 00:29
"Chicks go MAD at the Push Kings!" and we have proof! Rockin' digital images aplenty, check out the photo gallery if you don't believe me. Sigh, last song by the Push Kings, stay tuned while we harass Dealership!
Ink Blot Magazine (Alexis)
25 February 99 - 00:18
Look here Chad, fuckin' preppy sports lover, you don't know *shit* about music. Why don't you get in your jeep and head for the frat party. These guys, push kings, rock.
25 February 99 - 00:07
First off.....these guys are definately *not* rock.Believe you me, I know rock....I am from Chicago, home of Chicago (world famous band), anyway..these guys,with their shag haircuts and funky old thrift store clothing have *definately* not spent any time in any sports bar that I hang out at.
25 February 99 - 00:03
Our digital photo guru just came back from the front lines, and she reports all hell is bustin' loose down there, with chicks shakin' it every which way. Apparently the consensus is - they're just so dreamy! "I have songs about love and drugs and space", the singer reports. That's deep. Emily quips "I'm going to tell my boyfriend I like these guys and he's going to dump me!" A guilty pleasure...
Ink Blot Magazine (Alexis)
25 February 99 - 00:02
i don't know, really, but, they look like the white abbey but sound like the album road.
24 February 99 - 23:56
the pushingkings. i like it! i really like it! ...almost as much as crumb.
erin moskowitz
24 February 99 - 23:54
I've retreated up to our little secret hideaway at 9-up mission control, where the Real Time Audio is rockin'. I was also checking out the kickin' recording setup they have for a little reel-to-reel action, I think. The Push Kings are whipping the crowd up into a frenzy, and I was lucky to make it out of the eye of the storm camera and body intact. The singer looks uncannily like the ditzy dream boat from That 70's Show, although I'm embarassed to admit I've actually watched it once or twice.
Ink Blot Magazine (Alexis)
24 February 99 - 23:53
the pushkings-they sound like wham
24 February 99 - 23:50
Hi Y'all -I'm dialing in on a 28.8 and you're coming in loud and clead, just a little rebuffering now and then.Wish I could be there, but this is the next best thing. Ben - you're sounding sexy as ever!I'm gonna kick back, crack open a Pabst and listen to the show...later
24 February 99 - 23:24
We have some definite party atmosphere going on. I'm looking at a sea of bobbing heads and tapping toes. The club has definitely filled up and the kids up at the front of the stage look kinda mesmerized. That's a good thing. Get set for our real-time between-set interviews right after Dealership yanks out the cords. First up to bat: Blanket!
Ink Blot Magazine
24 February 99 - 22:40
Hi, it's Alexis again. I'm fighting it out to the death with rock photographer extraordinaire Peter Ellenby - prime shooting space is hard to come by, like prime real estate. Dealership is about halfway through their set, and they are doleing out some serious fuzz pop stylings, sugary sweet. And they're just so cute! Makes me want to take them home after the show and bake 'em cookies.
Ink Blot Magazine (Alexis)
24 February 99 - 22:31
Well ok. Here we are. Ink Blot command hq is slightly farther back in the club than last night. Now we're next to the Noise Pop merchants.Dealership just kicked into their first song. Oh my gosh, very stylish indeed. Sorry for the tech problems earlier. Network problems. These dealership kids aren't half bad. This first song is four to the floor, but it's getting more intense. Holy hobnobbers. I wanna dance. Nice tight harmony. Two thumbs up so far. More later..
Ink Blot Magazine (Dave)
24 February 99 - 22:20
Yeah, I guess I can see the Buffalo Tom comparisons I've been reading about. There's definitely the rock ballad going on here, but they're very sincere about it so it's working for them. The kind of band you would have loved to play yer prom. And we're still frantically ironing out those kinks, so don't go anywhere...
Ink Blot (Alexis)
24 February 99 - 21:49
Heya folks out there in cyberville. This is Ikblot central signing in for day 2 of Noise Pop 99. We're rocking out here at San Francisco's Bottom of the Hill. Local band Blanket has just stomped onto the stage, and as the lead singer and bassist has already attested, "you know that it's going to be a good show when you break a bass string." Which he did, on the first song. Rock on! It's OK, he strapped on Bass #2, a pretty racy black number at that. Fret not, kiddies, we know we're not up and running, the show will start momentarily as we work out the bugs...
Inkblotmagazine (Alexis)
24 February 99 - 21:37
Noise Pop: Day Two.Live from bottom of the hill.Imperial TeenPush KingsDealershipBlanketThe show should be getting started here in a few minutes. Stay tuned..........-the establishment
24 February 99 - 21:18
alright, just jacked-in here at the bottom of the hill... the sun's finally gone down and so have the lights. i think a band's gonna go on in about 20 minutes. if you're freaking out cause you can't get the feed, don't. we haven't made anything live.
24 February 99 - 20:33
i had a chance to meet some of the nineup people at the bottom of the hill show last night, which was beyond great. the new jimmy eat world spins in my cd player as i type this. great to see what goes into an actual web broadcast, aside form sitting in a cramped corner of a packed club.

hope to see the nineup kids at the red stars theory show thursday and the creeper lagoon show friday. and maybe even at a curbside journal show in the near future. take care all.

christian r.
24 February 99 - 13:19
There seem to be many Jimmy Eats World fans present here this eve. People are actually recognizing the first notes of some of these latter songs - but is this surprising? This is the first I've heard of this band, and I'm wondering where they hail from - I'm eager to know their story. Let's hope Ink Blot can get to the bottom of it before the evening's through...
the alpha, the omega
24 February 99 - 00:35
This "lead singer" type really belts it out and another esteemed colleague (I have many), let's call this one "Scoopy," thinks that the lead singer sounds a lot like the main man from SF legends Engine 88 - I'm inclined to agree. With his ecstatic energy and strong, heartfelt voice, I'm sure he's whipping the young, rosy-cheeked goils into a frenzy. Hell, I'm whipped into a' I'm no goil!
the only voice on the internet at this hour
24 February 99 - 00:19
Well kids the moment has arrived. You've done your time. You've run the gamut from Mendicino Country Hippie Indie, to Alt.Christian....well here we are. The headliners, Jimmy Eats World, have taken the stage overlooking a packed house.
ink blot (who else)
24 February 99 - 00:11
Oy...a welcome lull in the storm. Next up: Johnny Eats World. Everyone in this teeming crowd seem to be mumbling "rhubarbrhubarbrhubarb..." simultaneously and unendingly as they wait for the headliner to begin.
ink blot mag (patrick)
24 February 99 - 00:05
Well, my little friend has scooted off to greener pastures.
Sensefield is driving along. John, whom I had the pleasure of meeting before the show, has a voice that is soaring above the jam-packed crowd. He kinda reminds me of an early 80's Bono. He's now giving us a "punk rock history lesson." Hmmm...
The crowd is still thick as molasses. Someone just bought me a beer. As if I need another...

ink blot mag (david)
23 February 99 - 23:34
If this was an indication of the quality of this years Noise Pop fest you better get your tix for the rest of the shows soon. Be there for the Alien Crime Syndicate show on Sunday afternoon. Not only will you see some good rock but there will be plenty of BBQ to go around.
23 February 99 - 23:15
Enter: Sensefield. The crowd at this point, is well-nigh impenetrable. Now, I can drink with the best of "them," but as an aquaintance from Northern Ireland once told me, I have apparently, a bad case of "TB" - meaning, tiny bladder. There's no way I could even consider voiding my bowels at this stage in the game. Sensefield are grinding up, chugging through the first chords of their first song. Lessee what happens...
ink blot mag (patrick)
23 February 99 - 22:54
As my esteemed colleague, henceforth to be referred to as "Champ," just exclaimed,"Let's just say that if one were trolling for bait, the net would be cast wide." That, my dears, is a reference to the profusion of young, nubile "strange" frequenting this establishment. As regards the lead singer of the last band, Crumb, women aged 12-20 might refer to him as being "dreamy." However, women aged 20-25 might see him as being, again, very Simon Le Bon-like. Draw your own conclusions. Let's just say that he sweats a lot and has fairly "good" hair, meaning hair that's able to be tossed know, when you get that lil rogue tress that likes to dangle above the eye in a very romantic and very Lord Byron-ish sort of way. You see, it all comes full circle. Whatever Simon Le Bon was doing in the 80's, Lord Byron was doing before your great-great-great-great grandparents even got busy in the ole horse and carriage. Chew on that one, kids...
ink blot mag (patrick)
23 February 99 - 22:43
You know, the guy IS really emoting a lot. You don't really come across many "lead-singer" types these days. Everyone totes a guitar around, it seems - empty propery to make up for the lack of good "lead singer" moves. What's one do do with themselves without a guitar or mike stand? Flail around like a lead singer, that's what. This guy knows what he's doing. But what the hell do I know about music anyhow? All I can really tell you is that this place is packed to the gills with people, and the word on the streets is that it's only gona get worse from here on out. The next few Noise Pop gigs will be going down here at the Bottom of the Hill, rather small venue altogether. I can't imagine how we've managed to squeeze our lo-fi, hi-tech table into this corner. Update: Crum have just announced their last song - Sensefield'll be up next.
ink blot mag (patrick)
23 February 99 - 22:24
Folks, as my brother in shared ink has told you, Crumb have taken the stage and are driving genuine "emo-rock" into our hungry ears. The intensity this band brings to the stage is only coupled by the lead singer's Tiger Beat good looks and sweetly-autistic Simon Le Bon-like stage antics. Listen around for these guys, they'll probably be the only good song on the next soundtack of your favorite genre. The drunkard to my right tells me of how he is drawn by Crumb's energy. I feel that's the general feeling of the populus tonight. "It's in your face, here we are...boom!," he reiterates to me. And as I swoon from the smell of cheap tobacco and the taste of cheap alcohol, I hope Crumb is one of the names I'll remember tomorrow morning.
ink blot mag (patrick)
23 February 99 - 22:11
the lead boy's got energy. the boys are drenched with sweat. plenty of bobbin heads too. still, i don't feel the need to take the ear plugs out. anyone seen them live? from this hat, they're... eh, alright.
23 February 99 - 22:10
Crumb have begun. My esteemed colleague has just brought to my attention the similarity Crumb share with Sunny Day Real Estate. They've abruptly ended their first offering and have brought the level of intensity here up quite considerably. The kids seem to like it like lollipops. The afformentioned flowery odor still lingers, but's be blended with the smell of tobacco - Lucky Strike seems to have this place by the testicles, or by the fallopian tubes, as the case may be.
ink blot mag (patrick)
23 February 99 - 21:57
So there you have it, the first band to ring in the Noise Pop Festival. Whadja think, hmm? C'm on, if you're watching this, I'm sure you have some worthy comments. Next up is Crumb - and I like perhaps you, I have no idea what they'll be serving up...the suspense is killing me! Don't you feel likewise and like-minded? The future, my dears, is upon take a few "nutro pills" for sustenance and give us your valued feedback.
ink blot mag (patrick)
23 February 99 - 21:51
Hey yall, Carlos here, not my real name, but as it was given to me from my sixth grade Spanish teacher I feel it necessary as I listen to the poppy folk blatherings of Mendocino's own Gardner. Folks, Gardner have just officially stood up from their previous sit-down acoustic set. Yes, Gardener have shed their folky roots and are officially rocking Noisepop. To be quite honest, when was the last time you heard an acoustic guitar played with distortion and it came off well? Right now, baby! Gardener are now winding up their loud poppy acoustic surf set, music that fits perfectly for a warm Sunday afternoon barbeque, drunkenly drenching your friends with the backyard garden hose. And as I can now no longer see the stage fom where I write, I feel warm and fuzzy as Gardener leave us with their whirling pop ditties and pretension-free folky set.
ink blot mag (patrick)
23 February 99 - 21:50
GARDENER MID SET REPORT (compliments of Ink Blot Magazine) Who are these banditos from Mendicino?
When I left for the porch the Bottom (of the hill) was sparsely filled but now, having re-entered the sultry atmosphere, the floor is packed with kids. They and I seem to be at least curious about these droney, acoustic rockers. Lead boy is about to disrobe before launching into a Seaweed cover. But stuff is slow betwixt songs. As he said, "you see, in Mendocino County, things don't move that fast."
Composition: strangely tuned acoustic guitars; flute; cello; trumpet; traps---and we'll see what comes next.

ink blot mag (dave)
23 February 99 - 21:16
Aright we go. Gardner's just begun playing their brand of what they've just called "shack rock." As you can hear, it's shuffly stuff. People are making their way toward the front of the stage, intrigued by the blend of rough-edged rock and tip-toe folk.I honestly can't remember the last time I attended an all-ages show, and I must save that I'm overwhelmed by the fragrance of perfume, and what one of my esteemed colleagues fingered as, "lip gloss stank."
ink blot mag (patrick)
23 February 99 - 21:02
The game is, as they say, afoot. SF's renowned Noise Pop Festival is officially underway as variegated votaries file into Bottom of the Hill. Join us as we "wing" this, Ink Blot's first foray into live coverage of a musical event. It may very well go surprisingly smoothly. We'll be doling out mid-show comments as well as after-the-event stay tuned for the fun and progressively drunken observations on the actual bands and milling fans. Gardner will be setting things in motion about 8:50 PM. Judging from their soundcheck, they're sure to provide a rousing kick-off for the week's events. So settle that caboose down and grab yourself a tepid one - it's going to be a long night...
ink blot mag (patrick)
23 February 99 - 20:47
we've been told the show's gonna start at 8:50p. runningbehind. here's the schedule from kathleen(bottom of the hill manager):8:50 gardner9:45 crumb10:40 sensefield11:40 jimmy eat world-pepe
23 February 99 - 20:33
yo yo yo, is anyone gonna join me for the Jimmy Eat World show? isn't it supposed to start?
23 February 99 - 19:57
welcome to the noise pop '99 message board (or, test).
23 February 99 - 10:56

photos the show