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Conclusion These results might reflect a socio-cultural transition in the sexual attitudes of different age groups of participants - a phenomenon that will need empirical studies to unpack in the Iranian socio-cultural context.

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Iran as a conservative and religious society is no exception. Despite the aforementioned emerging changes, sexual intimacy and sex is only acceptable within the institution of marriage within Iranian society.

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The increasing trend of delayed marriages possibly explains attitude changes toward premarital sexual encounters in the Iranian context. Increasing premarital heterosexual friendships and dating with the opposite sex among young Iranians has been documented. Since friendship with the opposite sex is not acceptable in Iranian families, in many cases, particularly for females, families are mostly unaware of any such interactions or relationships.

Furthermore, there is no comprehensive sexuality education for singles; hence individuals in intimate relationships including sex are unprepared to deal with potential risks for both physical and mental health such as non-consensual sex, sexual coercion and unwanted pregnancy.

LGBT rights in Iran

Yet, another issue is that reportedly Iran has entered into its third wave of an HIV epidemic, which is one of the most serious health risk issues in the country.

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Iranian People Rock Upon arriving in Iran, it was instantly obvious that the people were not a bunch of crazy extremists and are in fact some of the most chilled out, down to earth, folks you are likely to meet. As time went by, I met more and more Iranians and had the pleasure of forming genuine friendships with many of the people I encountered. Iranians are, like everybody else, struggling to work out what the hell they want to do with their lives — everybody I met had dreams, aspirations and hopes for the future.

The younger generation of Iranians, in particular, are quietly challenging the status quo, striving in some small way to change their lives, their circumstances and their country. This is a land where modern trends and ancient traditions come together with a bang as the Iranian people charge headfirst into the future. They believe that men cannot control their sexual need and failure to meet their needs by their wives makes them seek these relationships outside marriage.

Therefore, women are required to meet the sexual needs of their husbands in order to prevent them from extramarital relationships.

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Because you know that every moment ladies are ready to meet the needs of my husband. Of course, he s not like that, but it s always in my mind. If I do not respond to my husband s sexual need, he may be attracted to other women to meet his needs". Sexual norms of society Most cultures have social norms regarding sexuality. The couples referred to the sexual norms of the Iranian community, including taboos surrounding sexuality, the prohibition of premarital sexual relations, the importance of preserving virginity for women, and sexual submission as factors affecting their sexual socialization.

Sexual issues are taboo In Iran, as one of the traditional religious communities, the sex-based approach does not set a clear path to the sexual socialization of individuals, and sexuality is always in a state of ambiguity. Talking about sexual issues is a taboo. They all said from childhood that it was so bad, and the one who was talking about these things was a dirty person".

Prohibition of premarital sexual relations Premarital sexual relationships are not religiously and socially acceptable in the Iranian culture and are considered unlawful and taboo.

Temporary marriage in Iran and women

Most participants had a negative attitude toward sexual experience before marriage and considered it a temporary relationship to satisfy sexual needs. So, engaging in premarital sexual relationships and losing the symbol of virginity—the hymen—can cause the disrepute of a girl and her family and jeopardize her marital status and future.

Your curtain will be ripped off. These issues were very important in the society and are still there".

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They use her as a tool and say it is her duty to do this. I also have the duty to work and pay for her. Their women also think so. They say my husband works and gives me and kids money, so I have to do sex. Of course, the new generation does not think so".

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The existence of individuals or community support systems that can help couples to resolve sexual problems or promote their sexual health is important. According to the narratives of participating couples, parental conservatism in the sexual affairs of children in Iran has prevented couples from asking for parental help to resolve their sexual problems.

The difference in sexual expectations and sexual style of new couples with their parents was one of the obstacles to seeking help from them. For example, my husband and I, in some nights, see films together up to half the night.

Of course, not a porn movie, romantic movies that may have sexy scenes.

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Or, for example, oral sex, which is fun for both of us. Where did you go, what doctor you went to? What did you do? Community support systems such as schools, universities, workplace, health centers, and the official media are passive in sex education because of sexual taboos and synonyms of sexuality education by promoting unrestrained behaviors in the society.

The lack of specialized and clinical counseling system for sexual problems of couples was identified as one of the weaknesses of the official health system in Iran.

I think there should be valid counseling centers that provide comprehensive information to couples in health centers. How do you know which girls near you are the best to approach? Look for Iranian women that are dressed a little more sexy than the average girl. If their clothes are tighter and show off some form of their body that is a good start. If they have on makeup that is another, basically if they are trying to get noticed for their beauty they are more likely to be receptive to your approach.