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Take the earlier example. My boyfriend was committed to me. I was committed to him. I was also committed to my girlfriend. She was committed to me.

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She was also committed to her boyfriend. He was committed to her. Conventional relationship ideals may claim this is ludicrous, but think of the structure of a family. Think of a mother who has more than one child. Does the arrival of baby number two mean that suddenly baby number one is getting tossed aside? So it looks like this thing between us is coming to a close, as your little brother will be arriving in just a few short weeks.

I hope we can still be friends. Multiple relationships can exist, all of them committed. This can be, but is not always the case. The following are some but not all examples of non-monogamous relationships.

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These two people are committed to each other, and each other alone. Swingers Relationship Very similar to an open relationship , there is a primary couple and they are loyal to each other alone. This can even be considered a type of open relationship, but it is characterized by the couple exploring pursuits outside their relationship together, if not always simultaneously. Read swinger stories from real swingers.

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Hierarchal Polyamorous Relationship Unlike the open relationship, a polyamorous relationship allows for multiple relationships multiple loves, if you will at the same time. Other relationships, while they may indeed be loving, will not take precedence over the primary relationship. Non-Hierarchal Polyamorous Relationship Here there are multiple relationships but without hierarchy.

The relationships may intermingle, they may not. Group relationships may form, they may not. There is no first tier, second tier, third tier. All things being equal is the goal. A sort of amorous chaos. The ultimate exercise in relationship freedom, it is living and loving without limits, and letting the relationship chips fall where they may.

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The important thing to understand is that committed non-monogamy is not necessarily just a version of monogamy with some casual sex thrown in here and there. Can the two exist together?

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