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Any naval ships large enough to cause sufficient damage would be detected well before they were within range.

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The planners then examined whether a commando force could accomplish the task. The approach was too shallow for an infantry landing ship , but the planners believed if a destroyer could be lightened it might have a draft shallow enough to enable it to get through. Worst rated restaurants in your area; Brexit speed-dating? I d like to Remain but I think I ll Leave.

The purpose of the raid was to destroy the Normandie dock, the old gates into the Bassin de St Nazaire with the water pumping machinery and other installations and any U-boats or other shipping in the area. It would be packed with explosives and rammed into the dock gates. The destroyer would then be blown up. At the same time the RAF would undertake diversionary air raids in the area. The certain loss of one or both destroyers to eliminate the dry dock was out of the question.

They suggested they could provide an old Free French destroyer, Ouragan , and a flotilla of small Motor Launches to transport the commandos and evacuate them afterwards. Using a French ship would involve using the Free French forces and increase the number of people aware of the raid. Consequently, it was decided the navy would have to provide a ship of their own. The RAF complained that the raid would draw heavily on their resources and the number of aircraft assigned by RAF Bomber Command dwindled during the planning of the raid.

British Prime Minister Winston Churchill further complicated matters when he ordered that bombing should only take place if targets were clearly identified.

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Combined Operations Headquarters worked closely with several intelligence organisations to plan the raid. A detailed plan of the town of St Nazaire was provided by the Secret Intelligence Service , and information on the coastal artillery nearby was sourced from the War Office s Military Intelligence branch. Intelligence about the dock itself came from pre-war technical journals.

The commandos and crew from Campbeltown were to board the motor launches at the Old Mole jetty and then return to base. The revised Combined Operations plan required one destroyer to ram the dock gates and a number of smaller craft to transport the commandos.

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