Sexual Dating Violence

Relationship Abuse

Because the dynamics of intimate partner abuse are different in adolescent and adult relationships, it is important not to apply an adult framework of intimate partner violence to teen dating violence. Available to any Executive Director or program leader in their rst to third year as leadership, Directors Academy is a year-long professional development and networking opportunity. Monthly sessions include training and peer support on topics including board development, sta management, nancial administration, best practices in services, and much more.

The most effective approaches use multiple strategies to engage youth and the important adults in their lives including parents, teachers and coaches.

Sexual Dating Violence, School-Based Violence, and Risky Behaviors Among U

Expect Respect also provides curriculum and training to help other communities replicate the program. You can make a difference Parents — Safe and healthy relationships begin at home.

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Encourage assertive communication, avoid physical discipline, and expect all family members to treat one another with care. Coercion: Threatening to find someone else if the dating partner doesn t comply with the abuser s wishes or demands. Threats to harm self or others if the dating partner leaves.

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Physical: Using or threatening to use physically assaultive behaviors such as hitting, shoving, grabbing, slapping, beating, kicking, etc. Sexual: Touching or forcing the victim to engage in unwanted sexual activity.

For example, the abuser may suggest that the couple spend all their time together because when they are apart, they will miss each other.