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He said even though more sex workers and strippers were going online to make money, there would always be a demand for the real world experience. He said profits were very inconsistent for both the strippers and the clubs and local events like expos and military exercises can make a huge difference to everyone s bottom line.

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He said clubs often had to pay the transport costs of performers and also provide other perks to attract them to regional towns, away from the more steady cash flow in metropolitan areas. Flying under the radar Professor Scott said despite the obvious differences between stripping and other types of sex work, strippers were still considered sex workers but were often "left off the radar".

Professor Scott said potential exploitation was a real concern.

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So best case scenario, you are up to date on your taxes and already have a myCRA account. If your tax situation is not complicated You can also get help from Glad Day Book Shop , they have a sex worker friendly relief fund for LGBTQ community members, and offer help in getting your finances in order if you are applying to their fund.

The absence of condoms appears to signify security, intimacy and trust between sex workers and their personal partners.


All of the women reported tensions associated with working in the sex industry and having a private sexual relationship including issues of jealousy, resentment, disapproval and disrespect from partners due to the nature of their work. Most participants reported that sex work interfered with their romantic relationships adversely due to issues of jealousy, guilt and safe sex practices. Previous studies that have touched on sex workers personal relationships as part of the broader study have also found sex work negatively affects personal relationships.

In a further study by Rossler et al. A physical border defines where these take place, temporal borders define when the behaviours take place and psychological borders are defined by the individual, dictating when behaviours, thinking patterns and emotions are appropriate for each.

The more flexible a border is, the more an individual can think about work while at home and home while at work. In a study by Wolffers et al. Another important aspect was maintaining emotional distance at work while being emotionally involved at home.

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Women had certain rituals surrounding clothing, behaviour and appearance to separate their identities, with some women even referring to their work persona in the third person. It could be argued that psychologically, activities at work and home are very different for sex workers and therefore strong borders between the two would be required in order for a person to cope with the very differing demands. This study developed from findings of an earlier study by Bilardi et al.

Method This exploratory study allowed for preliminary investigation in an area in which very limited data is currently available.

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