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Results from more detailed studies using retrospective or longitudinal data are mixed. Men and women in sub-Saharan Africa follow strikingly different pathways to adulthood. Marriage and parenthood generally occur at much younger ages for women, although both men and women typically become sexually active during adolescence.

Measures such as the number of romantic partners and marital aspirations are rarely available in studies conducted in sub-Saharan Africa.

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Our study offers important methodological advances over the existing literature by drawing on exceptionally rich life-history calendar data. The ten-year retrospective calendar captures detailed monthly data on schooling and nuanced information regarding many aspects of romantic and sexual partnerships.

Most important, because these events are recorded in monthly, rather than yearly, intervals, our study can more precisely establish the sequential order of events.

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Cross-sectional surveys, and even most longitudinal studies, typically provide only crude annual indicators of when transitions occur. For example, both age at first sex and age at first marriage are generally reported in years, rendering it impossible to establish the order of these events if they happened at the same age.

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Thus, creating a clear picture of the dynamic relationship between different transitions to adulthood requires that the timing of key events be reported with greater precision.

The study employed a novel survey instrument called the Relationship Histories Calendar RHC , a modification of the well-established life-history calendar method.

The RHC gathered retrospective information on monthly changes in residence, schooling enrollment and level , employment, and household composition including survival status of parents.

The RHC also captured detailed data on all romantic and sexual partners in the preceding ten years, including when if ever sexual activity occurred, any pregnancies of the respondents or partners , and whether the respondents wanted to marry any of their partners.

Because many university students live in hostels, we included these buildings if they fell in our sampling frame and treated each room as a household.

Dating, Sex, and Schooling in Urban Kenya

Unfortunately, access to dorms where many boarding-school students reside is restricted. If a boarding-school student was mentioned as a member of our sampled households, we attempted to locate him or her at the school in Kisumu. In the present study, we use data from the RHC only. Most of the selected respondents who were not interviewed either could not be located or did not have the time to complete the survey.

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Our second analytic sample is used to examine predictors of sexual debut. Because sexual debut starts at young ages in Kisumu, we begin our survival analysis of first sex at exact age ten. Nonetheless, nine of our respondents had their first sexual experience before the age of ten and were removed from our analysis.