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She downed another whisky sour. Dancing with your grandmother in a night club? I let her lead me out onto the dance floor. Some funky acid jazz number was throbbing across the floor. We danced. Grandma did have some nice moves, especially when she laced her hands behind her head and shimmied her hips in time to the music, thrusting them forward on every downbeat.

Her breasts shook and jiggled as she moved. Maybe it was the booze. Or, maybe it was the absurdity of the whole scene, its unreality. Soon I had almost forgotten it was my grandmother I was dancing with. It was just another sexy older broad, this one even sexier and hotter than any of the others.

We danced for a while and then returned to the bar for more drinks. My friends were gone. After sipping our drinks, Grandma turned toward me and ran her hands through her hair, managing to raise her tits until they pointed directly at my hungry eyes. She settled back down and reached out to take my hand in hers.

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Her little hand slipped into mine and she squeezed. I also felt my cock starting to stir in my pants.

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The guy next to Grandma turned away from the bar, pushing her gently against me. Our bodies were separated only by our hands, and I felt mine pressed firmly against her belly. Grandma smiled. Can you do that? The music was loud, and fast, and full of deep, deep, sensual bass lines. We danced now like a guy and a girl who ve met in a club for the first intoxicating time. I took her hands in mine and twirled her around and then moved in closer until our bodies were in full contact.

Her generous breasts were pressed against my lower chest and her hips pressed close against mine as we twisted to the music. It was incredible. Dancing to seduce my grandmother. She was loving it to. She had a big smile plastered on her lips and I could see her squeezing her eyes shut and sighing as we dipped and spun together. Soon a slower number came on, full of strings and keyboards. I put my grandmother s hands around my neck and circled my arms around her waist and we slowly pressed our bodies together tighter.

I could feel the top of her crotch against my now thickened cock. Grandma leaned her head on my shoulder and her tits rose and fell against my chest with her quick, deep breaths. I took a full, firm ass cheek in each hand and pulled her tight, kneading and squeezing her ass as we swayed to the music. Grandma moaned and began to slowly rotate her pussy against my cock. I groaned too and she tightened her arms around my neck, pulling herself as tight as she could against my body.

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I began panting with lust as I massaged her ass. Suddenly, I felt one of grandma s hands drop off my neck. Then, her hand squirmed its way between our clamped bodies, down across my belly, over my belt, and onto my cock. As my dick grew longer and longer, she began pressing her palm into the head of my cock, mashing it hard against my thigh.

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My hips began to involuntarily rotate against her. I was dry humping on the dancefloor with my grandmother.

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