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However, there is hardly any research to analyze the phenomenon of dating apps in relation to the Big Five traits.

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To detect possible differences between the two user profiles and to determine their correlates, it would be interesting if research consider both perspectives. However, this study is aimed at determining the use of dating apps based on the relational status of the participants and the patterns of infidelity and not so much to explore the differences in individual tendencies between users and non-users.

To fill these gaps, the objective of this study was to analyze the relationship between the previous use and current use the last three months of dating apps and the personality traits Big Five and Dark Core in a sample of young college students.

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In this way, we aim to examine the relationships between the use of these applications and personality traits, as well as to know which of those traits can predict the use of dating apps. Knowing the individual tendencies of users of this type of apps can be useful for the design and implementation of preventive and promotion programs for mental health and healthy relationships, both romantic and sexual, in this group.

Sociodemographic and Dating App Use Questionnaire We asked participants about their gender woman, men, other , age, sexual orientation heterosexual, homosexual, bisexual, other , and whether they were in a relationship if they were, for how long. We also asked them whether they had ever used any dating app Tinder, Grindr or similar and whether they had used any in the past three months before the study. The translation into Spanish was performed for the present research.

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In our case, three of the co-authors, all native Spanish speakers, translated the scale from English to Spanish, reviewed the translation together, and agreed on a single version of the scale. Finally, a native professional translator reviewed the correspondence between the English and Spanish versions, which agreed with the translated version.

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Profiling Dating Apps Users: Sociodemographic and Personality Characteristics

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