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Their task during the IAT would be to sort words belonging to these concepts by pressing the respective response key on the left or right as quickly as possible. A stimulus word would appear The word would then be replaced by the next stimulus Participants would again select the appropriate key Missing reactions and errors led to an appropriate visual feedback Participants received feedback on errors and reaction times after each block Please react more slowly and more correctly.

In order to avoid artificially high scores obtained with very long scales, internal consistency was estimated based on the average reaction time difference in reaction to each of the eight stimuli. Participants were asked to rate the extent to which the given traits were adequate to describe them. For example, we asked whether they had played with girls and girls games, and whether they had liked wearing skirts and dresses. Procedure Participating students were tested at the University of Trier in a lab cubicle equipped with an iMac.

The participants recruited via the snowball technique were tested individually in their homes or offices as they wished using an iBook. The instructions, the implicit tests, and the questionnaires were presented by a self-composed HyperCard computer program.

Initially, participants were asked to report their age, educational background, and size of hometown. Then, they started with the IAT. IAT task order was held constant because of the correlational nature of the study see After the IAT, the questionnaires were presented in the order described in the Materials Section—accordingly, data for the TMF was collected before all other scales.

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Sexual Behavior in Germany

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This code was applied to references to conflict, tension, or stress arising within the relationship as a result of app use. These participants were asked to select from a list and describe in an open-ended item the parameters of their app use within their relationship. These participants were asked an open-ended question assessing their reasons for not doing so, in which four themes emerged.

Traditional Masculinity and Femininity: Validation of a New Scale Assessing Gender Roles

This theme included references to the agreement allowing communication with other potential partners regardless of the medium used to do so. This theme also was applied to responses indicating that the participant s current relationship agreement with their partner had no rules or limitations, or that the participant and his partner had an open, non-monogamous agreement. For example: Because we are a monogamous couple and acknowledge that, at times, we still require interaction with other individuals.

Often, that interaction can be as simple as checking someone out because they re handsome, or it can carry on and into conversation, but it ends at that.

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This theme was applied to participants intentionally or unintentionally concealing their app use from their partners, Themes included advice on sexual health and safety with partners met through the apps, communicating about GSN app use, using the apps to explore sexual needs in relationships, and guidelines on creating relationship agreements that involved the apps.

This theme included any references to developing a new relationship agreement or altering one s current agreement to fulfill both partners needs. Participants specifically requested advice on what guidelines to follow or topics to discuss when developing their agreement, as well as advice that acknowledges that different agreements work for different couples.

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Definitely a guide that realizes there is not a single answer or set of rules that will work for everyone. Every relationship is different so gearing a guide towards that mindset is important.

Should we have access to each other s accounts if there is no joint account? Do you only use the app when together or only apart or both? Only use the app when apart so together time is just you two? The results also highlight the importance of taking into account gender and forms of CSREs in prevention and health interventions. Despite some evidence supporting concerns about negative outcomes associated with CSREs, findings remain inconsistent.

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Psychological outcomes have mainly been investigated among college students and rarely among adolescents. This study sought to fill some gaps in the existing literature. First, studies with adolescents generally focused on depressive symptoms However, depressive symptoms may co-occur with multiple symptoms of other psychological problems Starr et al.

Thus, we extended our study to other underexplored indicators of CSREs among adolescent casual sex research, such as suicidal ideation, low self-esteem, and consumption of alcohol or drugs. Third, we distinguished the type of sexual partners.

To our knowledge, only one previous study among adolescents did this