When we first started 9up in January of 1997, it was tough for a band to get a show in San Francisco. Only after you did the proper industry schmoozing and smoked out the right booking agents could you MAYBE enter the circle to play a show. Since then, things have changed.

There are still an overwhelming number of bands in the city, but now there are fewer clubs to play in. Places are shutting down due to lower attendances at shows and noise complaints from residents moving into new lofts being built on top of these clubs. There are also the (greatly exaggerated) rumors of the death of RAWK, but RAWK has always been dead. And so what of it?

We're going to continue to broadcast these zombie local bands live about once every three weeks and archive them for your kids to see someday. Some of the bands you'll know, some you won't. There's also a discussion email list called "Noiz" that you should join if you're wondering (and have thoughts about) what the hell is happening to live music in this town, or you've got some gear to sell, or if you just want a friend to talk to. Write to majordomo@nineup.com with the words "subscribe noiz" in the body.

If you're in SF for a broadcast, come down, share a Pabst and enjoy the show. Email us and we'll give you directions to 9up. We're in Bayview locked up behind a 10 foot high chain fence with beefy padlocks, a rusty metal gate, and a bulletproof door with three more locks.

You'll be plenty safe.

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