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Hello- would nineup be interested in doing a webcast of a paradise show next week? Tuesday night is Little John @ 10:15. We were thinking of recording and and streaming it ourselves, but we're dying to do something with nineup. I'll bring a few pbrs! Chris
27 July 99 - 17:01
Check out Skip Holiday's new site: Happy surfing.
14 July 99 - 17:06
We are looking for Websites to participate in the First Edinburgh International Internet Festival ( 1-30th August) via links from our website Gallery ( ) We believe that the internet is the place to host the first truly 'International' Edinburgh Fringe Festival! There is no charge for participation, our aims are the promotion of the Internet Community and the foundation of a whole new dimension to the Edinburgh Festival (of course the increased traffic/trade we should all receive due to the event is also worth consideration). If you are interested or would like more information...please e-mail us at and we will get back to you as soon as we can. Paul Steele. The Edinburgh Celtica Gallery. Tele: 0131 623 0275. Or write to: The Edinburgh Celtica Gallery. PO Box 17106 Edinburgh. Scotland. EH11 2WD Website: e-mail:
The Edinburgh Celtica Gallery
29 June 99 - 20:43
wow. cool site. needs work.
joaquin montevideo
08 June 99 - 14:21
Where's the fucking video?
07 June 99 - 15:53
Check out our live stream from Reading, PA (near Phila PA) Saturday at 6PM EST . Give me your feedback. Check out the archieves too>
29 April 99 - 20:06
You guys are the best! Pee-nee-see-moe!!!!
Guy Smiley
22 March 99 - 12:48
hi, this web-site is crap, anyone know why they put it here?? You must be gay - no offence to gays, one of my friends and my boyfriend are gay. Boyfriend sits in mates garage and cries cos I said he is like one of my fat exboyfriends.
13 March 99 - 11:03
When is the fiver show up?
10 March 99 - 18:36
crumb rocked tonight at noise pop. the connection was pretty good. i enjoyed the show from boston. jeff
23 February 99 - 22:43
Hey- are there any worthwhile drummers left out there?? If you are not a flake, metalhead, junkie, or knob, and you are into Swervedriver, Unwound, old Sebadoh, Calvin Krime, etc. and you're able to tour for little or no money with a couple of annoying ex-junkies, then by all means, email your info to!! Luv-Boodles;)
Boodles de la Mulleta
21 February 99 - 16:34
Sky Masterson plays Cafe DuNord Mon. Feb. 8th, between 9 and 10 pm. If you accidentally miss shows because of this or that, be very careful about this one. Sky Masterson will play four shows on their first American tour. S.F., L.A., N.Y. and Chicago. This may be the first time you see them. It won't be the last. These four guys are unusually good. Don't wait, or you will miss something exemplary.
28 January 99 - 19:26
Hey guys! Thanks for the link! Some other friends of mine were having a hard time with finding the right link to get to the live shows, and since I'd been having some problems with other pages with supposed RA...well, I was just kind of annoyed. Anyway. Thanks again for making it really obvious, and for giving me some instant notoriety to boot. sorry to get all pottymouthed, I was just having a bad day. Hey, it happens. -- Chelsea :#}
25 January 99 - 08:53
I am trying to tune into my favorite band, Fiver. I am having a hard time figuring out how to get them.
23 January 99 - 17:09
ah now chelsea, no reason to curse us out. :o]
the link is up now. we put the link to the live show up about an hour before the show.

23 January 99 - 15:48
Hey guys -- Where's the link to the Loud Family live webcast? I've been poking all around the site and can't seem to find it. I love the band and would have enjoyed listening to your broadcast, but the fact that all the links go back to the band's homepage is really fucking annoying.
22 January 99 - 18:49
Gregory A Kurtzanova
21 January 99 - 10:27
when will tsui be on?
29 December 98 - 21:06
do you laugh at some of the bands that come in because i was rolling when head a song about bake potatoes all in all good site
17 December 98 - 04:40
hey your site. can i get you to cancel my other e-mail address( i really would like the newsletter to come to this address. if anyone from out there is interrested in coming to colorado, we have a book this club up here and we really love having touring bands come though. thanks worm
jeremy worm
11 October 98 - 15:58
Totally bitching job nineup did last night at Tip Top for Chix-vs-dix. That was fun. We were so busy and you guys were so not high-maitenance. I'm not working there tonight, but I'm playing there with Bitching Rhonda, which I gather can't be webcast because it's ALL covers.
03 October 98 - 15:48
I would like to link to you in my new ' have a nice site..and keep supportin the music...please e-mail me a response..thank you
12 August 98 - 00:35
I'm wondering if I could come (pun intended) on your site and have a sex experience on camera. It would seem a perfect match - sex, rock n' roll, and pabst. All I need is a volunteer to participate in this with me. - Lucy
Lucy Wontburger
06 August 98 - 19:47
I like to have people around me relax. I'll see you all on T.V.
04 August 98 - 11:26
Hi, Iam new at this so just ask this qestion. Iwont to be a singer.
ralanda brown
01 August 98 - 13:54
how about doin bands in the philippines? we have quite a number here in Baguio City
nathan alcantara
31 July 98 - 01:56
hi i am ayham from jordan ,please send a letter to give me some information about your com thanks
ayham smadi
29 July 98 - 06:59
Anyone in a band come to and sign up for our free service. is a site for local bands from accross the country. Anykind of music....and so on. Get free promo,we have a chat room and you can sell your tapes/CD's....E-mail us!or call 415-608-7803
28 July 98 - 12:07
This is kick ass! I'm from Minneapolis and we have a great scene here. When I'm not at the 7th Street entry at First Avenue I'll be here.....
Ms Thang
30 June 98 - 23:57
Had the chance to check out this great site. Our firm represents signed and unsigned bands across the country. We are always looking for new music companies and new bands to work with. Please check out our site at or feel free to contact us in the office. We look forward to hearing from you. Ari Nisman Degy Management Services, Inc.
Ari Nisman
23 May 98 - 14:09
I love this site, you all rock 'n' roll!
Joe Jackson
14 May 98 - 15:06
yo yo yo.... it's teddy stone cold representin' da 9up posse while chillin' in italy. i'm still preachin' the gospel of the sf scene to all these techno listening gold chain wearin' euro clubbers... i think i got one convert while he was comin' down off a smart drink. nineup is know part of the house bookmarks in every cyber joint i've been to... i love you guys.... -teddy-
nineupper on location
13 May 98 - 09:37
I am the mananger of the band Pink Sugar. We are in the studio now recording our first full length CD due out at the end of June. How can i get involved with your company and radio show? I would love some information on this.

Thanks, Cindy. - btw- Our next show is on June 3rd at the Boomerang.
Cindy Ashcraft
02 May 98 - 14:38

Hi, my name is Perci. I love the show guys, keep up the good work!
25 April 98 - 18:30
hello my friends. i do love the, how you say?, rock and roll that you have on your great american site. i have been preaching the gospel of 9up to all the chain smoking, gold wearing, eurotrash i have encountered...but, alas, they would rather listen to the sounds of Los Senoritas De Picante y el Hanson. I will continue to win them over to the undergound sounds of the swinging american music of nineup. Now I must go. el feo americano.
Ben de los Mad Bastardes des Molinos de Viento
15 April 98 - 12:06
Hi, I'm Matt in Fine to Drive. We have a cd coming out on
Popsmear Records and have some shows coming up at the CW 4/17 &
Chameleon. What is involved with playing a Sat. at yer
joint? I can send you a tape of a few ditties to melt your
speakers to. Lemme know-Matt

01 April 98 - 15:36
Fuzzy Ben:

Who would win in a bar brawl:
1) Gun and Doll Show
2) Ramona the Pest
3) The 9 up crew
4) The live audience
Who would be last standing?

21 March 98 - 14:48
Pabst is all very well and perhaps good, but it
seems there's no indication that Ramona the Pest is on
at 4:00 before the Gun and Doll Show.
sincerely, Jeff

jeff hobbs
20 March 98 - 19:24
sorry you couldn't get the show bruce. the link is
at the top of the showtime page (right next to bio).
it's an excited seal flipping it's tail around with
a note above it saying "click blinky the harbor seal
to get the live show."
i'll work on making it more visible. thanks.

the dummy
04 March 98 - 14:06
idon't know who the dummy is but i've been navigating for 15
mintues to find out where you begin the simple audio stream for
the performance and you have no onesingle place to tell people
"hey, thisis where the show is". so it looks like i'll miss my
buds CVS and sir paul meyers so give 'em my best!peace n pop,
bruce brodeen
enlighten me if you feel like it, but it should be more obvious it
appears...thanx anyway!

bruce brodeen
28 February 98 - 16:47
Dude. I can't believe the Von Sneid show sold out so fast. Does
anyone have any tix for sale?

Loren Filbert
25 February 98 - 17:25
what happened to the Lord Bedazzler (4 Oct 97) ? How can I retrieve
that blinding performance ?

06 February 98 - 04:21
Hey, dig the site. I manage IBOPA.Keep me posted
19 January 98 - 17:35
HITCH is finally emerging from their warehouse!! Come
see our first gig on Wednesday, January 21, 1998 at Club
Boomerang on Haight Street.visit our site at:
See ya there.

D W Bodine
15 January 98 - 19:54
sssssssssssup tim i got my new computer finally. took
approx 2 seconds to get your web page upi have 200mhs
pentium 2 & will finally be able to enjoy a live broadcasti
have my pabst chilling now

mike froehlich
12 January 98 - 23:21
where is the archive of Birdsaw?
dan laks
07 January 98 - 13:02
I'm In a band in SF.How Do I get hooked up
with you??

02 January 98 - 21:43
I'm in a band and would like more info on where your
at and how to get playing.Thanks.

phil fazio
30 December 97 - 10:16
If you want a wicked kewl riot grrrl zine,
e-mail me or visit

20 December 97 - 10:21
I am a friend of KR.She told me to check you guys out.
I am a sound guy/web author/ whatevergot any
ideas ? so on

10 December 97 - 01:47
Pls send me directions to your studio. I'd like to come
by and watch a performance.Thanks,Eric

Eric Pease
15 November 97 - 17:36
Excellent site. I just find out about you through
the Guardian's web site. (I don't know what planet I've
been on...) Anyway, I'm in a band. We want to play nineup.
How do we do it? Send a demo? Where? (I can't find info
about this on your site. Intentional?)

14 November 97 - 12:17
How inspiringly lively and delightful is your
lovely website. Can you contact the youth of our
town Pyed Dnyorepin the Hudson River to help them
to use their free timesin a similar ways? We are
very concerned that they maybe "cutting up" after they
finish their chores, and since the only major industries
here is the NASA baking products division, there is little
of afterschool jobs.

Horace P. Osterdonk
02 November 97 - 06:25
Hey 9-up: Excellant concept. How did you get your start? Any suggestions on
Mark Ferrero
25 October 97 - 13:09
Yeah. And at Conocti Harbor Resort to boot.
24 October 97 - 14:39
HI, Matthew! This is your Aunt Georgia from Kansas. Your mother tells me
Mover has an engagement in Colorado in Dec. If you will let
me know the location and date, I'm hoping some of us will be
able to come see (and hear) your group. Ty would LOVE it!
(I'm sending him this web site address, immediately). Good
luck to all of you!! Love, Aunt G.

Georgia Schwartzkopf
22 October 97 - 18:43
Yeah...fuckin' weird. How often do all the members of TWO
great Bay Area bands die in a speed boat collision?-lamage

lamage smythe
20 October 97 - 10:10
I dig the site. Too bad about VGD and Engine 88, tho.
That's the way it goes, I guess.

19 October 97 - 17:33
Hello men of Nineup. Being the drummer in Dart, I rarely
get a chance to see Rick Stone's frontside when we are
playing. Please put us in the archives soon so I can see
all of his rock facial expressions.Thanks,John

John Rackerby
13 October 97 - 14:53
You suck hard get a knew cover and some advise!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
08 October 97 - 10:31
They arn't verry nice to you, 9 up, are they?
me , adix
08 October 97 - 03:27
nice colors!
08 October 97 - 03:24
Very good.
Riccardo Forquet
07 October 97 - 22:30
Do you guys read these comments or what? Play some fucking Golden Rod you freaks.
03 October 97 - 10:22
24 September 97 - 08:04
Hey Ben! Caught your site and love it!--Rachel
21 September 97 - 15:44
Yes, we agree! 9up sucks! And these bands are horrible. I've discussed this with the 9up cohorts and we've decided to stop broadcasting local bands altogether. From this point forward, 9up will only broadcast 3 hour reruns of Cobain shows with Nirvana and interviews, with occasional breaks to plug Pabst of course. Enjoy!
20 September 97 - 18:05
20 September 97 - 09:27
Why is it that all bands sound about the same nowadays? Our generation is a huge disappointment. What a bunch of losers. Signed, Wish Kurt Was Still Here
smedley mcdouglas
17 September 97 - 14:18
Do you guys place banner on your site, if so how can I get one up there
17 September 97 - 14:17
I know this kick ass SF band named Golden Rod!! Maybe you should put them on the fucking web site and really give the Bay Area something to listen to. I hear there real close to your studio as well so I'm sure they could do it anytime.Golden Rod, ASAP!!
27 August 97 - 11:37
oranger is the coolest.but, where's steve perry?
26 August 97 - 12:35
Hey nineup...we're still looking for the video from the JoJoShow... Could you please post a time when it will be available. I hear that it's real Sassy.
18 August 97 - 19:22
this is the best site on the whole net.except, you guys need some ass.
06 August 97 - 18:30
Cool Site!!!!
Teresa Froehlich
02 August 97 - 20:49
Dear Nineup,
I like ASS. I want ASS. Where is the ASS.
P.S. Which way to the ASS?

24 July 97 - 19:50
Really, I mean REALLY!!! You guys need ASS here. Lots of ASS, shitloads of ASS. C'mon. Listen to the gurus, Jenny and Eric. Listen to your heart. You need ASS. Big ASS. Small ASS. Red ASS. Blue ASS. Get it together. Take it to a higher lever. More ASS. By all means, ASS, ASS, ASS.
George Zip
24 July 97 - 19:34
I second Ms. Butler's comments. This site would be a hell of a lot cooler if it only had more ASS Eric Hellweg
24 July 97 - 17:42
You need more ASS on the site. - Jenny Butler
Jenny Butler
23 July 97 - 14:39
hey nine up pups, the site looks great. you've got a hunk o' fantastic talent on your band list. i'll be checking in regularly. take care & best o' luck, james rover
James Rover
22 July 97 - 23:22
I'm with the Gary Gates Band. We are doin' an internet broadcast of a gig in sacramento in August and would like to do one closer to home(Bay Area). Who do we sleep with or pay off to get on your show? :-) We're a jammin' psychedelic group, kinda like the Dead and the Allmans in Jamaica....cowboy reggae. Let me me know where to send a CD or tape to.Thanks, will mitchell
30 June 97 - 21:57
Four Fathom Bank Robbers had an awesome show tonight at The Las t Day Saloon. when is thier on line debut???? It is great that they and other bands are on this page. i hope that you keep it going. There is only one problem...The text is light green and the background is dark green,this makes it a little difficult to read... especially if youhave been ouy drinking at a bank robbers show. Will see ya soon, Danielle and Brian
Danielle Rips
22 June 97 - 05:38
Hi Ben!I just attached your web site to my homepage. I can't wait to tune in some more...See ya! (:-)P.S.:Say, "hi," to Sara K..
Todd Leichliter
20 June 97 - 04:18
killer Hertz from Sacramento would like to do a live show over the net. Will you help? peace
killer Hertz

15 June 97 - 06:02
Ben, I just tuned in, a little late, but I saw that last band. Very cool. I used VDO Live, works very well on my machine. later, Robert
07 June 97 - 22:19
The VDOLive Broadcast was AWESOME! Perfect quality! steve lerner 07 June 97 - 21:35
Hi there! This thing is really cool! I play in a Bay Area noise pop band called BITESIZE and we would really really like to play nine up. Is that possible? Is that probable? Curiously yours, Tom
04 June 97 - 00:54
This thing you guys are doing is very cool. I have a band called Diamond Stylus and we would love to do this thing... where are you located in SF? I listened to SPike and Walrus 'cause I know those guys... I wish this had been aroud in the Psychefunkapus days... mail me..? Jonnie
Jonnie Axtell
25 May 97 - 00:15

Wow! Some fuckin bitchin shows lately, fellas - liked K-Car most. Well, smoke 'em if you got 'em.

By the way, these lips are sealed for everyone but Ben and Tim.

See ya boyz - R.

Lushous Lipps
21 May 97 - 15:28

Hey, cool concept! We wanna play! 99 tales is a band from sacramento that has played SF a handful of times (a few of em' with Walrus) and we are interested in this very cool thing you guys have goin' on...How do we apply? Thanks and good luck! -Sean Schroeder
Sean Schroeder
15 May 97 - 11:52
Have a rehearsal studio/performance place in NYC. Lots of people have and still are performing here to about 100-150 invited people. Next show is May 30, when D-Generation (SONY) play their new songs to their oldest fans. Just got ISDN line installed and working towards netcasting. Might be fun to do inter-coastal "duplexes"... Let me know if interested.

Giorgio Gomelsky
13 May 97 - 22:10
The full-length feature/editorial came out on Friday,
so check it out at:
I hope it helps get your site visits up...--Chad

Chad Stephenson
12 May 97 - 14:11
its hard to imagine what
it would be live to play to a faceless, noiseless, non-smelling,

i mean, come on, its all about the skanky one in the red dressin the front row, grinding away...

you know the one.

she's probably a leo.

is there a way for the bands to get video feedback from the

-honeydew of stanford, ca
12 May 97 - 13:37

Please send me more info on performing. I'm in a local SF band called Mars Villa and would love to perform for some Pabst Blue Ribbon.Thanks
Marc Frochtzweig
12 May 97 - 13:35
We are interested in doing a show with you guys.
We being FLYTRAP. Our web address is
Please let us know if this is possible.

Todd Moore
23 March 97 - 20:04
Any update on a PC version of webcamtoo? I've checked out
some of the audio archives... they sound pretty good.
Wish they were stereo though, mut they seem to be prety
decent mono. The webcamtoo likn refers to an updated
link, which then says the PC version is "being updated"
or something... but the notice is a couple of months old, it seems.

23 March 97 - 18:31
Thanks for "the Foster Brooks". What a terrific thing
technology is! G. Iuppa,(mother-in-law of the drummer)

G. Iuppa
20 March 97 - 10:13
When is the Soul Divine show going to hit the Past Shows
page? That show rocked!

Bruce Lynn
18 March 97 - 12:20
9up was a great invention, you must come from a creative
family. :*> I would like to begin viewing the shows but my
modem is only @ 14.4. What should I do? Also, do you have a
list of all the bands playing for the month orsomething.
Thanks, Michelle P.S. How's goldenrod doing.

15 March 97 - 14:37
I couldn't get into any past show's very frustrating
The backround colors made reading difficult
where are the upcoming shows?

Marc Gobiel
11 March 97 - 23:02
when in JESUS's name is Goldenrod going to play?
10 March 97 - 14:02
Loved seeing "the Foster Brooks" on Sunday, but
had problems getting audio, even after downloading
RealAudio.When will I be able to get the replay of
that concert on your web page? I'd like to hear it!
G. Iuppa

G. Iuppa
03 March 97 - 08:59
Where da funk at, beeatches?Don't front on the posse.T-Bone
28 February 97 - 17:02
I am interested in hearing the Engine 88 show. When do you think that you will post it? Thanks.
26 February 97 - 13:43
Hi... My band, Subincision, would like to play on the nine-up "stage"... How do we go about getting a chance to play? We have been together for three years, based in the East Bay, and have two 7"s out and are on a couple of CD Comps. We are also about to record some new tracks and release a full length CD of our own. We are sometimes described as "sloppy, 77-style" punk, but I don't necessarily agree with that. Anyway, we'd like to be on your "stage" sometime soon... how do we do that? Please let me know what we need to do to be considered. Thanks Marshall Stax (drummer, Subincision) Berkeley, CA 25 Feb 1997
Marshall Stax
25 February 97 - 22:49
Hey, greetings from TicketWeb. Killer what you all are doing. Do you have any interest in offering low-fee tix to hip Bay Area venues and bands from your pages? Please advise. If you will update us regularly of coming events I'll link to the live broadcasts. Thanks. Andrew TicketWeb
24 February 97 - 19:03
I've been looking for something like this for over a year! I will definitely check out the next show. I am in a band that would like to get opening gigs for bigger-name bands. Any suggestions? We play original music that could be compared to a mixture of Jane's Addiction and classic rock...kinda guitar heavy.
Jason Pischer
22 February 97 - 00:02
Hi, You swiped a photo of mine from the Engine88 site. Plese add a credit to the photo. Thanks, Peter Ellenby Photography
Peter Ellenby
18 February 97 - 11:21
I run a webcast concert calendar called Live Online. Could you keep me abreast of your events so that I can list your performers as early as possible. Please check out my site at and let me know if you have any other suggestions. Thanks
Wes Kilgore
17 February 97 - 10:25
Thanks for the comments so far. What sort of web projects supporting local music have you heard about in S.F. or other cities? Any other live broadcasts?

anyone know who this guy is or who he belongs to? He's become the 9up poster child and whipping boy. Please help us find him a nice home.

14 February 97 - 00:44
Pretty cool idea. Sound quality was much better than expected. If anything, sound is on the loud side; I had to turn down my speakers to soften the distortion. Looking forward to future shows. Please post Paddlefoot/Buckets/Androgynots show. I've been waiting for it!
Belly Mingle
12 February 97 - 12:13
Hey, I wanna send emails to bands (like my friends Package) before they play at the 9up Studios. Do you deliver emails? If so I'll send one to the Package boys. Nice fun site. I lived in SF for five years up until last year and always wanted to do something like this. Shouts out to everyone! Check out the old Noise Pop pages at Buzznet/JetPack ( Cheers! And please, kids, don't work to hard.
Alistair Jeffs
11 February 97 - 07:24
Does this stuff work well? Does it sound shitty or like the shit? I'm waiting for Engine 88 on the fifteenth...
Adam Beck
10 February 97 - 14:02
Finally got to listen to the first show. A little choppy, but but it was great to be able to finally hear it. Missed it when it was broadcasted live. I think what ya'll are doing for the local music scene is great. Hope it continues. Praise the Fooey.
03 February 97 - 11:13
gee, you're way too cool for me. pabst, you say! grego,did you write this stuff???? (but you do Inchausti proud)
juicy pop
27 January 97 - 22:32
for kristy, can i get my catheads album autographed? from matt
matt margolin
27 January 97 - 12:05
You should use FRAMES! -Dan
Dan Boyer
23 January 97 - 15:55
How do we go about making the next one better?
Patrick Corcoran
22 January 97 - 22:04
I missed the Van Gogh's Daughter netcast and am still
waiting to see it in the past section. Why have that link
if there is nothing there. Like a door into a brick wall.

Karl Erb
21 January 97 - 15:39
Dudes, way cool window dressing on the shot of your studio.
I like the strategically placed ashtray and beer. You bad boys

donna r.
21 January 97 - 09:14
When are you guys going to make the archive of your live show with Spike1000 available. At least e-mail the URL with which I can listen to it.
20 January 97 - 10:49
The shizzack not the bizzwizzack! One dimension over, intertwined madmen run screaming to hype your product, convice Bill gates to listen to Rock @ Roll, and seven winged warriors arise in the east to bring peace to the world.
crazy a
18 January 97 - 22:08
Hi ... this is Julie Fanselow -- sister of the Fonz from
Hong Kong Fooey -- listening to the live webcast. Downloaded
RealAudio just for the occasion. I feel like people must have felt
when they got their first radio. The sound is a bit mucky, probably
because I have only a 14.4 modem, but what they hey. Cyberspace -- the
ultimate democracy.

JF, Twin Falls, Idaho
(and Natalie Fanselow Whiting age 2 1/2!)

Julie Fanselow
18 January 97 - 18:55
This kicks WEIRD ASSS!!!! I'm listening to Hong Kong Fooey
right now. Nice work - and PEA$E!

The Ever-Lovin Weird Pope
18 January 97 - 17:59