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     Internet Tonight , December 17, 1998

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     What's Cool - Rave of the Day, July 31, 1998

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"Live music is a lot easier on the ears when it's coming straight outta your computer. So if you can't make it to San Francisco or fear you'll be jacked going to a local club, catch electroBetty, K-Car, Petrol, and many more as they rip it up in digital."

     net surf, December, 1997

Sites, Drugs, and Rock & Roll.
"Ah, San Francisco's indie music club scene - the attitude, the choking smoke, the obstructed views - ain't it wonderful? And 9up wants to improve on all that by delivering to your desktop - san ambiance - the action unfolding onstage at its rehearsal-cum-performance space."

The Internet Cafe
     Web Radio Episode, Oct. 17, 1997

"A volunteer effort put together by nine friends, NineUp is all about giving a venue and a chance to bands that otherwise find it hard to be heard. The site broadcasts local bands from their studio in San Francisco on Saturdays from 4 to 8 p.m., PST. You can listen live or check back later to hear the archived shows. Pictures, interviews, message boards, and occasional video footage can be viewed at the site. ."

San Francisco Bay Guardian
     Extra, November, 1997

The Net magazine
     Site of the month, October 1997 issue

" the time the live show starts, you'll most likely find yourself dancing infront of your monitor in your underwear, playing air guitar..."

     feature article - issue 3, March 1997

"9up's Studio Doubles as an Intimate Web Venue. Live concerts on the 'net are cool, but where's the intimacy? 9up has the answer -- in the studio."

San Francisco Chronicle
     Sunday, February 23, 1997

Clicking on to local music
"San Francisco boasts an array of music clubs, but few are as offbeat and unusually located as 9up -- an underground performance space accessible only via the Internet."

San Francisco CitySearch
     May 97

"Every other Saturday a few guys with a lot of expensive equipment transform a loft off the highway around 3Com Park into an international soundstage."

San Francisco City Search Spotlight
     City Search Mention- March 97

"The Secret Show: a live audiovisual webcast of three bands on Saturday, March 1. Baby Carrot and the Snowmen will join Foster Brooks from 5pm-9pm. The show is being put together by 9up and MediaCast, and requires a 28-8 modem and 28K of memory to download RealAudio (which is free)."

Noise Pop Site
     Noise Pop Site - March 96

"Since you're obviously an online aficionado, also be sure and check out the secret NoisePop netcast show that featured Snowmen, Baby Carrot, and The Foster Brooks. It went down on Saturday afternoon at 9up, a new online music venue broadcasting shows biweekly from a rehearsal studio in San Francisco."

HotWired - Net Surf
     Feature - May 12, 1997

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